Common questions and issues when importing contacts from a file

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Has anyone ever experienced this issue? You upload a new list for a very targeted campaign, and it';s very possible some of your contacts are on another list so CC then says they 'update the contact.' Which is fine, because you need that contact on both lists (e.g. and all client eblast vs. a specific-country eblast). However, somehow, your eBlast extends to a client that wasn't on your recently uploaded, targeted list. When I reference my original upload file - said client is not on that file. Yet, when I now export my targeted list from CC that was uploaded - those clients (that aren't supposed to be there), are there. They say that they were originally added on a prior date, but "recently updated by me" the day I uploaded my targeted list.
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Hello @AmieS13 ,


For the sake of troubleshooting:

  • Did the contacts take any actions to update their list memberships?
  • Did anyone else who'd have access to your account, such as an account manager, move those contacts or otherwise update list memberships (this would still show as "updated by you" in their contact card)?
  • When you searched your targeted list, did you search for the client based on email address, since that's what would denote a unique contact upload/reupload?
  • When you imported the targeted contact list, did you make a brand new list as part of the upload, or upload to a list that already existed in your account?

William A
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