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One of my contacts wants to change her email address in my list back to an address that she used in the past. When I try to make the change, I get a message that says "This email address already exists in your account." So I type that email address into the search bar and nothing comes up. I don't know how to change this person's email contact back to the email address that she wants to use. Here is a screen capture for reference:


Please help!

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Hello @RobertS8714 ,


Looks like you're running into a Compliance-related element for contacts. Typically this occurs when a contact has unsubscribed and resubscribed to your account, but can occur for other Comp-related reasons. The only thing you can do in this instance is add the preferred email address as a "new" contact, and shift over the relevant contact info, list memberships, etc., then delete the current contact.


Also, please refrain from posting contacts' info on the Community for the sake of their privacy. If you need to submit contacts' info to us for troubleshooting or reference, please call general support for securer assistance.

William A
Community & Social Media Support