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I am a real estate agent and receive email blasts from other agents, which I am perfectly ok with.

How are agents pulling the MLS contact list of agents?

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Hello @JillD73 ,


We don't really have any insight on the particular functionalities of any MLS service. Generally speaking, those in an MLS will agree to receive some kind of communications from agents that pull from the service. Ultimately, however, anyone who uses our system to send emails is still beholden to anti-spam regulations, as well as our own Email Permissions policy.


That said, if you're wanting to gather and reach out to other agents' contact info, rather than potential clients, I'd recommend encouraging them to sign up as contacts through a sign up form. This way, you're getting contacts that explicitly want to receive your emails. If you're purely interested in gathering clients, you may want to reach out to your particular MLS service to see what the process is for exporting potential clients for you, so you can import them into your account as contacts.


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