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My company recently started making newsletters, and we are sending them out through the email function. However, all of our files are over the 5MB restriction. Is there a way to expand the size requirement? I've tried compressing my PDFs using adobe, but it takes away the pictures when I do. Looking for more solutions, please!

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Hello @MistyT779 ,


If you're unable to compress your PDF smaller than 5MB, I'd advise finding other ways to reduce its size, such as splitting it into multiple PDF files (if it's a multiple page PDF), or seeing if you can use the original program to shrink the overall page size of the PDF.


Otherwise, the easiest solution would be to just host it on another cloud drive, use a 3rd party site to make a first page PNG (or PNGs of all the pages) to add to your email, and use the share URL from that in your email.


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