Creating email with pdf with links - links not working

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Hello.  I am trying to create an email from a pdf that has active links in it.  When I test the email, however, it appears that the email is being turned into a clickable image.  It's only from the image, once clicked, that the links work.  We would like the links to work within the body of the email.


Please help!  


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Hello @TommyA9 ,


True PDFs cannot be inserted in emails, except as "attached" links (click here for more details). When you upload a document, our system always creates a PNG image of the first page, if you want to use that as a preview or way to link your contacts to the full PDF. This same process occurs when you create an email from a PDF, though some additional design elements and action blocks will be automatically included in that template.


If you want the links on your PDF to work in the base email, you'll need to recreate the PDF as an actual email.

William A
Community & Social Media Support