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My question is about personalized email automation, specifically custom to the recipient:


Here is what I am looking for:

I want to run an oil change campaign for an automotive business. Every month after a subscriber is added to the email list they will receive the following emails:

  • 1 month after subscribing - “According to our estimates from your last visit, your car is at 10,000 miles  and you need an oil change!”
  • 2 months after subscribing - “According to our estimates from your last visit, your car is at 15,000 miles and you need an oil change!”
  • 3 months after subscribing - "“According to our estimates from your last visit, your car is at 20,000 miles and you need an oil change!”


Things to keep in mind:

-Emails may be added at any time, so all of the recipients would not have the same mileage amount.

-Can the mileage amount be dynamic and vary per email subscriber?


What would be the best solution for this personalized email campaign?

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Hi @KevinD764 , 


Great question! You should absolutely be able to achieve this with our automation feature. You will need to create an automated series with three emails in the series, each email within the series spaced a month apart. For the dynamic content, you would need to create custom fields, and insert those custom fields into the email campaign. It will pull that dynamic content into the email campaign based on the recipient's email address. 

Amanda G.
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Hi Amanda_G! I appreciate your suggestions, but I don't think it's exactly what I was looking for. Below are more specific examples to help explain what I am looking to achieve.


We get clients’ name, email, car type and current mileage

-Example:  Mary Smith, Volvo XC-60, 12,000 miles

-In 3 months, we would like to send Mary an email stating that, “Your car is likely reaching a needed oil change at 15,000 miles…”  (add 3000 to mileage automatically in email)

-And everyone in the “oil change list” gets 3,000 miles added to their mileage field in 3 months


-Example 2:  Bob Jones, VW 150,000 miles

-In a year send Bob an email that “At 162,000 your VW needs annual transmission and fluid check”  automatically adding 12,000

-And everyone in Transmission list gets 12,000 added to their car’s mileage

-And in the future, we update the client fields with new mileage information based on actual car data, or new car update based on their email address


I appreciate the help!

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For all the examples provided, you'd need to make sure the dynamic fields / contact details mentioning this info are setup properly in your automated emails. You'd then need to regularly edit your contacts, and their respective custom fields for mileage, to accommodate the new estimates for when the automation sends out.


You can either edit a contact on an individual basis, or upload a file to overwrite / update certain contact fields (such as a custom field for mileage).

William A
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