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I wanted to add the button for "share this email" and was successful. But I'm disappointed by what happens when recipients do click on the button. A cryptic link code sucks. In this day and age seeing a link show up on an email is a "hands-off" kind of thing and even if it comes from a known email, people are still cautious.


Is there a way to have a the "shared" email formatted? Like: I wanted you to see this email from ..... (and then have the email thumbnail) they could click on to then go to the email. I'd also be happy for the share to actually "be" the original email with a message from the "sharer".


Is any of this possible?

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Hello @Holdah_co ,


It'd have to be something that the forwarders themselves would need to setup. The shortened URL that we provide as the email's View as Webpage coded link, social media share, and copy-able share URL is going to be the only way to realistically provide your email. Otherwise it'd be an enormous, far odder looking mass of text.


If your concern is regarding actual forwards of the email, there's not really a perfect solution for this. ESPs like us tend to get our emails warped by email programs when forwarding them, due to how email programs like to reinterpret and restructure email coding during forwards. Forwarded emails also keep the original recipient's coding in the legally-required footer, as we cannot control what happens to an email once it's outside of our system. This can result in forwardees unwittingly unsubscribing the forwarder from you, as they tend not to check which email is displayed on the unsubscription confirmation page. The compromise by the devs was to add the Forward email link option for the built-in email share buttons.

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