Downloading Registrants and Attendees info in Events

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When downloading the list of registrants for an event, it would help if the CSV included all of the fields you asked the attendees to fill out. I can only download the registrants but not the attendees they added or their emails. Currently the only way to get the information is to go into each registration. What's the point of having the attendee registration if you can't download the additional information? 

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Hello @MichelleR61 ,


Whether you do a full report or a custom one that includes the guest info (attendee per your event's terms), that info will download with the report. However, when there's multiple guests for a single registrant, it can result in the guests being listed in their own standalone rows, with the registrant's name as the identifying element for who they're guests for. 


This is a known usability limitation of the current event system, which our devs are keeping in mind as they develop the newer system, along with other improvements to its functionality. I've tracked the known usability issue to your account, however the newer event system will be a larger rollout that all of our customers will be made aware of regardless.


If you're having trouble locating guests, I'd suggest doing a Full Report export, and then sorting that CSV file by Registration Date in your preferred spreadsheet program. Extend the columns so they show info more fully, and you'll see the attendees listed without other registrant info in their own rows more easily, with the names of the associated registrant listed to their side. You can then re-arrange the file from there so the registrants with multiple attendees have those people listed below their main registration row.

William A
Community & Social Media Support