Editor causes spurious background changes

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When using the editor for a campaign, from time to time it changes the background color of a section for now reason.   This will happen about once every 10 to 25 edits of a campaign.   It's risky in that you can't count on the last version before you Schedule it to be emailed to not have a background that is miscolored, so you have to carefully check (and sometimes repair) the campaign before emailing.

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Hello @BrianB51 ,


Is this occurring with an email that's been copied from other previous copies or copies? After enough generations of copied copies are made, built-up background coding can start to cause sporadic formatting issues. If it's affecting your outer or inner backgrounds, it may come down to having to go back and copy from the original. Or you'd need to recreate the template from scratch. We generally recommend having a master template made and saved in a folder, so that way your copied emails come from a more direct source, rather than having the potential junk coding buildup. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support