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Is there an Embed link to show campaigns on your website.
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Hello @FirstNameL615192 ,


You can include emails on your website, through a few different ways.


The first and easiest would be to simply copy the permanent share URL, and plug it into some text, an image, or something else on your website as a hyperlink. Only emails that have been sent will have a permanent URL generated for them.


The second way would be to download the email. You can download an email as a PDF or an image (PNG or JPG available). Linked elements in the email will still function in a PDF, but images do not retain their multiple links. Some users may download an image of their email to display visibly on their website as a thumbnail, then hyperlink to the webpage version of the email for link functionality and a full view.


The third way would be to add our archive widget to your website. The archive is available to Email Plus customers, or for $5/month for Email customers. You plug the code into your website (assuming your website allows outside javascript), and add or remove emails from the archive as desired. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support