Error re-sending to non-openers

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I have been getting the following message when trying to use the re-send option on a campaign. "Sorry, we couldn't complete the Resend to Non-Openers. Please try again." It has been going on for a few weeks, but prior to that, I didn't have any issues. Anyone know a way to fix this?
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Hello @AnitaN1 ,


It looks like you already spoke to Chat support, and they've tracked the issue for your case with them. If this issue occurs when scheduling your email, you can make a list from the Did Not Opens, then copy the email, and send that copy to the DNO list. 


As far as troubleshooting goes, was this email copied from a previously copied email, or was it copied from a direct source like a reusable template? Or was it created brand new? When you were scheduling the resend, what was the timeframe you set for it?

William A
Community & Social Media Support