Fix templates so that random code is not included in emails sent to customers!

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For three months+, our emails have included random code in our emails, such as this:  @media print { .ms-editor-squiggler { display:none !important; } } .ms-editor-squiggler { all: initial; display: block !important; height: 0px !important; width: 0px !important; }.  Sometimes, this code is not visible in Preview Mode or in test emails, but shows up scattered throughout our emails. The most recent one had six isntances of this code appearing in an email we sent to hundreds of customers. TOTAL FAIL, and multiple calls over several months have not solved this problem. We have followed multiple different examples of customer service reps to fix this:  changed templates, run our text through Notepad to strip any code, etc. TOTAL FAIL!

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Hello @JamieDon ,


We've seen this occur sporadically when a customer has certain browser extensions active while editing their email campaigns. 


If you disable all of your browser extensions, or use a device / browser that doesn't have them, does that prevent the erroneous coding from being added to your emails?

William A
Community & Social Media Support