HOW TO SET UP CALENDLY with confidence?

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I am trying to set up the APP Calendly. I first authorized / made the sync between my acct and the APP company. But then when i got to the APP it was extremely confusing and repetitive. i have no confidence that this APP will be working prpoerly to insert it in a email sent to a potential customer I do not know. How Can I gewt some help to have it set up. The goal is to be simply able to offer the customer the option to schedule an over the phone meeting and annotate that/schedule that through Calendly. App. Who can help me? Thanks.

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Hello @CresoB ,


Since we didn't develop any integrations with Calendly, we'd advise reaching out to their support if you have concerns or questions regarding its functionality. That said, including a link to a scheduling site / app should be relatively simple, and something you can include in anything you're able to insert as a link (email, social post, etc.)


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