How do I resend a SUBSCRIBE email to a contact who is still awaiting confirmation?

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This contact signed up through our website but clearly didn't receive or didn't see the confirmation email. How do I resend this email to them? Also, does this email say "confirm subscription" or "resubscribe"? Because this contact was a first time subscriber and may have been confused by being asked to "resubscribe". Thanks, Cindy
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Hello @lindas0378 ,


If a contact is stuck in Awaiting Confirmation, the easiest method would be for them to go through one of your sign up forms, either a landing page form or one coded into your website.


If they’re unable to get signed back up through a sign up form or through the resub email, you can request our Review team do a manual override of the unsubscription. You’ll need to get an email directly from the contact explicitly stating they want to be resubscribed. Then you’ll need to call into the Review team, and follow their processes from there.


Since there are a number of legal and Compliance-related elements to email permissions and confirm-opt-in, we have to make sure one of these three processes is followed.


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