How do you handle event RSVPs for folks without an email address?

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Do I create a QR code? Can this code take me to the event registration form in Constant Contact that I have emailed to others? Help please

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Hello @LoriB953 ,


Since the primary communications for events are essentially limited to email, email addresses are required. If you intend to have guests without emails, I'd advise having them enter (or manually registering them yourself) a junk email address. Something generic, like a derivative of would work, and that way you're at least recording them for the sake of numbers.

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I realize that CC is an email marketing platform, but I'm managing a charity group with a set contact list, and I don't need their email addresses to be entered every time. This shouldn't be a default requirement like first name, last name for an event registration. It's almost as if it's required so it can be used else where.