How to create two columns of text that flow one into the other.

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Hello CC,

What is the best way to create two columns of bulleted items so that when the columns reflow one below the other on a mobile device, there is no space between the columns — so that it looks like the text flows from the first columns into the second? I don't see a way to delete the bottom or top padding of the text blocks in the editor interface. I am using the Two Column element (Layout/Left in fourth row). 

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @CherylB141 ,


There wouldn't really be a way to do this due to how mobile restructuring works. The only method to avoid this would be to use a screencap image of the normal desktop layout, so it still appears like it's still a 2-column list in mobile format. Otherwise it'll just have an extra bit of padding when mobile-converted from two left-right columns into two top-down rows.

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