How to send an email out to secondary Email

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Our organization is split into multiple age groups and often has two parent contacts. I would like to send an email to all contacts under one list. How do I choose the secondary contact email to be added to the list. If I can't do it on Constant Contacts, is there another platform I can use for this. If we can't send to multiple contact emails, then this really won't work for our organization.  Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Hello @TanyaC066 ,


Since email addresses are what denotes a unique contact for sending and Compliance, there's not really a point to having "secondary email addresses" as a contact field. If you want to send to those secondary email addresses, I'd recommend re-uploading your list and selecting the secondary addresses for the email column for this round. The main email column you uploaded last time should be set as an ignorable column on the re-upload. That way those secondary email addresses will be recognized as actual, send-able addresses, and included in your sendouts.

William A
Community & Social Media Support