I did not unsubscribe

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I received notice of an unsubscribed. Checked my account t and it says I unsubscribed from my own account. That did not happen. Please advise
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Hello @RoyalSupport ,


Do you forward any of your emails from your own address to others? If so, it's possible one of those forwardees unsubscribed you using the coded link, and didn't confirm what address they were actually unsubbing. It may also be a rule on your email program that after X amount of deletions without opening the emails that you be unsubscribed or spammed out from receiving them, even if they're technically from yourself. 


If a contact has been marked as unsubscribed from you, you'll need to go through the resubscription process. However the easiest method for a contact, in this case yourself) to resubscribe to you would be for them to go through one of your sign up forms.


If they’re unable to get signed back up through a sign up form or through the resub email, you can request our Review team do a manual override of the unsubscription. Normally you'd need to get an email directly from the contact explicitly stating they want to be resubscribed, but obviously in this case you are the contact.


Since there are a number of legal and Compliance-related elements to unsubscribing and resubscribing, we have to make sure one of these three processes is followed.

William A
Community & Social Media Support