Images not displaying in an email client

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I put the wrong document in an email that was already sent.  is it possible to delete the link so it doesn't work?

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Will images be deleted from the campaigns that use them?

What does this mean?

Deleting will remove these files from any campaigns that use them. You can restore deleted files from Trash if you change your mind.


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Hello @RebeccaB923 ,


Once an email is sent out, it's sent out. It can't be redacted or forcibly removed from someone's mailbox. This is a standard security element for all email programs, and isn't something we would be able to affect or develop later on.


Images and other elements embedded into emails will remain in them, even if you end up deleting them from your account Library. Embedded information is hard-coded into the email that's sent out.


If you need an internal link broken - such as one for a file hosted in the Library or a landing page you created within your account - our higher level technical team can assist with that. Please call our general support so they can confirm security permissions live with you, then submit the requested link breaks to our T2 team. 


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