Import contact spreadsheet with tags and lists?

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I have a spreadsheet of contacts that I downloaded from CC and changed some company names, titles and some of the tags and lists. (All email addresses were not touched.) 


Tried to import it back into CC, knowing that it should make the updates to the existing contacts. However, when I try to import it needs me to pick a list and a tag, and whether they are implied or express. This info is all in the spreadsheet. As they are all different, I don't want to lump them all in one list or with one tag, I want it to pull from the spreadsheet. I can't get past that page to continue without choosing something. 


What am I doing wrong? 

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Hello @PAMA2012 ,


At this time, it isn't possible to upload list selections or permissions as part of the regular contact sheet data. That information would need to be split into separate files for uploading, or done on an individual basis. Tags can be imported via file if they already exist in your account, but won't be imported if not.


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