Importing contacts

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I've tried to import contacts from an excel file and it's only importing 29/33 contacts. Why?

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Hello @ChristaC54 ,


Without seeing the file itself, I can't really speak for certain what the issue is. However, based on your recent import/export activity, you actually imported 30 new contacts, then you've repeatedly updated 3 or 29 contacts that already exist in your account. Based on that, I'd surmise that some of those 33 you're trying to bring in are the exact same contact.


If you'd like for us to look into this further, please reply to the @ mention email you receive from this response with your username and contact list included, so we can securely receive and view it. Or you can call our general support for live, 1:1 assistance and troubleshooting.

William A
Community & Social Media Support