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- We have a database emails that we have previously sent blasts to in the past, but we have been inactive for two years and we're working on sending a couple of blasts in the next month or two. Do we need to take an extra step before sending to those old lists again or do we go ahead and send the blasts right away?


- We have a new list of highly qualified potential and established customers and would like to ask them if they are interested in receiving our newsletters. Those emails were obtained from Our website where they inquired on quote pricing, but did not have a checkbox that specifically says you're going to receive marketing emails. Do we need to send a double opt confirmation email to that list before BEFORE  sending our marketing promo to that same interested list?


-  We’ve heard that CC can lock us out of our account if we get a 2% unsubscribe rate per blast. Is that true?


- If we receive an Opt-in request through our website, can it automatically be imported into one of our lists, and if so does that request become a confirmed address?


- Is there a specific field that needs to be in our contact data list that shows a record is confirmed and how would that data appear?


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Hello @Forespar ,


Generally speaking, as long as its stated that they may be reached out to for marketing or similar communications prior to a contact submitting their info, then you should be okay. I'd recommend going through our Email Permissions Policy to be safe though.


Since large amounts of unsubscribes and spam reports can damage our sending reputation and impact delivery, our Review systems may trigger after certain levels of such occur for an email sendout. For an overview of account, list, and compliance review elements, I'd recommend taking a look at our Community's Review FAQ


Ultimately for any of this, you may want to reach out to the Review team directly, to get more advanced insight on the permissions of your sendouts.

William A
Community & Social Media Support