Insight into why my desktop open percentage is over 98% and mobile open percentage is under 2%?

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I have been looking at our recent email sends across multiple accounts, and they are all showing a Desktop Open Percentage over 98% and a Mobile Open Percentage under 2%. This seems highly suspect, yet I can't find any information in the resource center on why Constant Contact is recording such a high desktop open percentage and a low mobile open percentage compared to industry standards. As this is true across all the accounts I manage, it seems unlikely that this is accurate. Is this due to Apple's changes to how opens are calculated? Any advice or insight would be appreciated!

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Hello @IraP04 ,


While a significant difference in desktop vs. mobile opens can be a result of an account's contacts demographics or even their industry, based on your data I don't believe that's the case. Such an extremely low mobile open report is much more likely the result of Apple's privacy changes, since that corresponds to when we first started receiving reports of these more extreme open differences. 


It is something our devs are keeping an eye on, however we're ultimately beholden to what Apple allows to be reported back to us for opens, clicks, etc. from programs using the iOS. For more info regarding Apple's privacy changes, and how it can affect reporting, I'd recommend taking a look at this article.

William A
Community & Social Media Support