Integration from square to capture emails and auto import to constant contact

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We have tried Zapier, but they provide ZERO support and does not seem to always work. (I get 9+ emails from them stating there is an error).

We operate an Xmas tree lot and want our Constant Contact account to capture the email that is entered on our square terminals.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hello @IvyS61 ,

We don't have any official integrations with Square so our support is honestly going to be really limited. If you have access to whatever database the customers' emails are stored from their Square payments to you, then you should be able to export them as a CSV or similar file type. If so, you can manually upload that file into your Constant Contact account's contacts. You may want to also check that the file is formatted for a contact import.

Beyond that, you may want to reach out to Square's support for further assistance as far as accessing / exporting the contacts from their system.

William A
Community & Social Media Support