Is there a way to create a document with several pages?

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I volunteer to maintain a Guide for our community of services, artists, etc. We are less than 1000 so it is manageable. (I I have the 29-page document in pages. I know how to convert to a .pdf but also know I can only load one pdf at a time. The document has links: email addresses, websites. I would also like the Table of Contents to have hyperlinks to take the reader to the section of interest. (I can not figure out how to use hyperlinks.). It's a tall order, but can anyone help? The one person in the community who might help is too busy to do so.
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Hello @MAGeBOARD ,


I'm not sure I'm understanding what it is you're requesting. Are you needing guidance creating the document as a multi-page PDF within your Pages program? Or are you needing assistance on uploading the file to your account? Or were you wanting guidance on how to fully recreate it within your email?

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