Issue with our lists

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Hello, I wanted to reach out to express how disappointed we were today when we tried to send an email to a list and the list was missing over 30 contacts. The list in the contact area had all the contacts but when we wen to send to our email it was missing many emails. I spoke with your representative on chat and he said it was a bug on your end. As I was in a time crunch trying to get the email out and reconcile the missing email addresses I was not able to speak to the representative for very long. He said it would be fixed but I am noticing the issue has not yet been resolved. We are long users of Constant Contact and are disappointed that the system was not reliable today. I hope this issue will be resolved asap. Natalie Jones, Partners for Planning
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Hello @JeffD09 ,


I'm not sure why the chat rep didn't perform further troubleshooting with you, but the issue stems from a glitch that can sporadically occur with certain lists upon creation. Due to the sporadic nature of the issue, the engineers are still collecting info and troubleshooting it and do not have an ETA on any hard fix.


The only workaround the devs have for it would be to recreate the list. You can do this by going into the affected list, select-all the contacts, click Actions at the top of the list > Add to list > Create new list, then name the new list to something similar. From there you can send emails to the contacts in that new list.


If your issues persist, please call our general support so they can go through all the troubleshooting processes of the issue live with you, especially to see if there's something in particular with those contacts. If you can provide the support rep with a list of the affected contacts, or have a segmentation of contacts on that list that weren't sent the email already made, it will greatly aid their troubleshooting.

William A
Community & Social Media Support