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Hello!!   I have 2 questions about landing pages.


1. Currently, I have the lead generation page set where the email info is added.  When the person clicks submit, the next page is the thank you page.  Then the people click the button again to officially get the uploaded document or the item.  Is there a way to have the download on the first page, and the thank you page has no link to submit - or - a link to a second offer?  It seems there are too many steps for the person to get the uploaded document.   Sending the document to the person's email on the first click would be great.  Then the Thank you page could have a second offer option to set up.  I want this process to be user friendly.


2.  I am trying to figure out how to make a "nice looking" landing page for lead generation.  I have a picture on the top, but then the text is not broken down into paragraphs and there are no other opportunities to break up the message with white space, buttons, pictures.   I would like the page to look nice and be able to provide more information about the item for better conversions. 


I would love to see any examples and "how to" of landing pages that address my concerns.


Thank you!!


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Hello @AnnetteD027 ,


No there is not. The point of the main registration page is to submit contact info, the thank you page is what allows you to redirect them back to your site easily or provide whatever material was to be given out for signing up. If you want this process to be streamlined even further, then I'd suggest including the thing you want them to have from signing up to be included in a welcome email / list-join automation linked to the list for your LP.


Either way, they're going to need to click a link to display the PDF, and then explicitly click to download it once it's showing on their device. Generally speaking, we don't allow documents to auto-download onto a device. Unless you really want to have two offers between them signing up and your thank you page, I'd recommend going with the first method. So your options for setup are either:

  • Submit contact info > Click thank you page PDF button > Download PDF once loaded and displaying
  • Submit contact info > Receive welcome/auto email > Click PDF button in email > Download PDF once loaded and displaying


At this time, there aren't line breaks for the landing page sign up forms. The description is meant to be a simple, straightforward message about what they're signing up for. If you need additional details and a lot more wording for this description, I'd recommend including it on whatever page you have (social, email, website, etc.) that includes the link to the  form.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thank you, William, for explaining this process.


Have a great day!!!