Legacy Surveys & The new surveys page

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I am receiving this message when looking at my current Surveys:  "You are working in our older Legacy Survey experience. With our new Survey Pages, you can customize the look and feel of your Survey as its own webpage. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more; we encourage you to give them a try and pass along any feedback you have!"


What do I need to do to work in the new surveys page... is there a specific URL to get to it? And, do I need to then recreate my surveys in the new surveys page or can I convert or copy them to the new surveys page?

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Hello @SteveMc ,


You can use the survey page system just by creating a new survey through the Create button on the page after logging in, or on the Campaign screen. Legacy surveys would need to be recreated from scratch in the newer system, if you wish to publish them. If you have any feedback regarding the survey page system, we encourage you to voice that feedback in existing threads or add your own contribution on the Other Campaign Types feedback board.


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William A
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