Lining up text

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I have an event location that is like this:

Location:     12323 W Jones Ave

                     Portland, OR XXXXX

I cannot get the second line of this location (city) to line up with the address above. Tab button doesn't work in CC emails, and spacing over doesn't work either, as it goes back to the left margin when the email is sent!


Any ideas?!

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Hello @TimothyLR ,


If you don't have access to the RSVP block, you'd either need to just type it out (email programs tend to remove the extra typed out spaces), or use a series of text blocks to achieve a table setup in your current email builder. While the CPE does have a table block that could be utilized for your purpose, 3Ge can utilize several text blocks to achieve a similar setup that will convert functionally in mobile view. Simply setup your text blocks in a manner similar to this:




They'd all need to be separate blocks, each in their own rows, not setup as columns as that will cause the mobile rearrangement to end up out of order.

William A
Community & Social Media Support