Manually resend an email to contacts who did not open the original

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I set the campaign to resend 12 hours after the first for anyone that missed it (just this one time) - but it was not received. The details page says the resend had an "invalid format", and when I click "re-send to non-openers" from the 3 dots, it says it was already re-sent! So now what to do...?? How do I still send only to non-openers?

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Hello @AllisonSellsNaples ,


If you have less than 500 non-openers, you can try doing a quicksend to them by looking at the Did Not Open report, select-all by clicking the topmost checkmark box, ActionsQuicksend. If you have more than 500, you'll need to make a list from the DNO report, copy the email, and send the copied email to that DNO list.

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