Member having issues with receiving emails

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One of our members is having issues with actually getting emails to his inbox even though he is subscribed and the emails are sent and have never bounced, I have attached screenshots from his account on constant contact and also his company IT department.  His email is .


Do you know why or how we can fix it so he can continue to get emails? He also mentioned that he never opened any of the emails that are shown in the screenshots.




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Hello @AngelaP2 ,


If we're receiving reports from the contact's side that they're opening the emails (whether that's their security program or them actually doing it), then the emails are being received on that end. If they're not showing up in the contact's inbox then it's an issue of the security program outright blocking the emails. I'd advise checking with the contact's IT or whomever has access to their security settings, and make sure all of our domains are safelisted on their side. 


Beyond that, the only other advice I can offer is contacting our Delivery team to see if they have any further insight.

William A
Community & Social Media Support