Membership Dues

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I have a large homeowners association and currently use another platform. I would like to be able to charge our annual membership dues through the constant contact portal via email and website I set up through cc, with recurring option if possible. Is there a page on the site that can walk me thru the steps?


Hi @RodneyL22 ,


That's a really interesting question. We don't quite have a solution that would be able to set up recurring annual payments for the membership dues.  There may be some aspects that might be best to use the 3rd party tool to handle recurring annual payments and using Constant Contact for the email reminders, but I'll run through a few options that could work in Constant Contact.


  • You could create an event that will allow you to set up a landing page, use the registration form to collect a payment, and send emails to invite members to "sign up" and pay. You can also get a report of those who have signed up and those that haven't. Since the primary purpose of this is event registration, there may be more features than necessary (like allowing guests), and some things that aren't desirable like requiring a date range of the event. There also isn't a yearly recurring option so in this case you'd have to make a copy every year.

  • You could Create a Shoppable Landing Page that allows you to create a landing page with a product that people can purchase. The linked resource has a webinar video linked, so if you're interested you can see the whole process from start to finish. Shoppable Landing pages do have an expiration date, so this one also wouldn't have a recurring option without creating a new campaign every year.

  • We have Donation campaigns but they are gearing towards fundraising towards a goal and would allow for less control over the price and some of the verbiage probably wouldn't fit your scenario.