Multiple dates for sending email blasts

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Currently we can send an event email on one date with the option of a follow up date for those recipients who have not opened the original email only.  I wish we could enter multiple dates for sending an event email without having to copy the event and publish as a separate event.

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Hello @FolsomMooseLodge2009 ,


Would you be able to elaborate on what you're looking to do within your event? You can currently:

  • Create multiple invitation type emails within an event.
  • Create multiple emails outside of the event and attach an event block to, which will result in the emails being associated with the event itself.
  • Schedule multiple registrant-only emails, as well as multiple non-respondent-only emails.



None of the above would require you to make multiple events just to schedule the different email types across multiple days/times. Was there some other kind of functionality you were looking for in your event's email scheduling?

William A
Community & Social Media Support