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I have an old account and I want to sign up with a new business but I was wondering if my contacts would still be in the old account??
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Hello @RobinM625 ,


It looks like your old account is still accessible, albeit cancelled. If you're needing your old account's contacts sent to the main address on your account, just let us know and we'll get them sent over. If you need them sent to a different email address, you'll need to call our general support to confirm security permissions before we can do that. 


Please also keep in mind that if you have a completely different business name or will be selling different products / services, some of your contacts may no longer wish to receive your emails. If this is your situation, you may see quite a few unsuscriptions / spam reports right off the bat, if you don't send out a reconfirm opt-in email. If your old contacts would be expecting emails and offers from your new business, either because of having the same name or offering the same products and services, then you should be okay on that front.


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William A
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