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I am new to Constant Contact.

I am currently the Human Resources Director for a construction company in a large city on the East Coast.

I would like to publish an internal HR Newsletter to our employees on a monthly basis. Are there any training opportunities available to assist me with learning how to effectively use Constant Contact?


Thank you,


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Hello @BrettS5 ,


I'd recommend following along with this article when you're creating your first email.


When you have the time, we also have a Getting Started guide (also available in video format), with relevant links for newcomers using the system. You're also welcome to call our general support so you can work 1:1 with an agent, and also screenshare while they're logged into the account.


Otherwise, our Knowledge Base has articles available for all the different tools in our system, with written instructions, visual aids, video tutorials, and common troubleshooting steps as well.



If you end up having trouble with the emails getting delivered internally, I'd recommend providing the below two articles to your organization's IT. That way you can maximize deliverability and trustworthiness for internal emailing coming from an outside source, in this case, us.

William A
Community & Social Media Support