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HI there,


Just a quick question regarding open rates - has there been a major change to how these results are calculated in the past few months?


We carry out monthly reports and record each open rate for our comms, and it seems that every communication has improved it's open rate quite significantly in the past few months.


We wondered if our statistics are accurate or if there is a reason that open rate is higher?


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Hello @SamB12 ,


If the majority of your contacts utilize Apple Mail, then your increased open rates may partially be caused by this. Apple's newer privacy policies regarding emails includes pre-loading images, which would also affect the tracking pixel inserted into each sent email. For more info about Apple's privacy policy updates and how they affect campaign reporting, I'd advise checking out this article in our Knowledge Base.


It can also come down to other factors as well, such as increased seasonal email responsiveness from certain contacts, the size of lists you're sending to, the topics and subject lines of the campaigns being sent, and more.


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