Opt in button that when clicked you receive a email with the person's information

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I am trying to create a email to add current clients to an additional resource. My total client list is about 4000 people who I connect with 1 to 2x weekly. I have a much smaller group I email daily. I am trying to build my daily email list. I want to send out a email to my client list inviting them to consent to be emailed daily. I have looked at the "Yes, send me emails" and this looks like it send a notification to constant contact but I dont see who clicked yes. I have also looked at the button options and the best option I see is to change the link to email. When clicked a email will pop up but no other information. 


Is it possible to have the person click yes and then I just receive a auto response? These people clicked yes and list the people. 


Thank you for the feedback. 

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Hello @mrytz29 ,


In my opinion, the easiest way to go about what you're doing would be to setup a lead generation landing page. Once you've published it, you can add its share URL to your weekly email as a button or some other obviously labeled method, to direct your weekly contacts' attention to it.


The form itself can be extremely basic, only requiring the contacts' email address to confirm before submitting. This way it streamlines the contact adding themselves to the list, and being able to start receiving them right away.


Another option, if your account plan has access to it, would be to use click segmentation. Create a custom landing page, with a simply "Thank you for confirming" message, and link to that in your email with click segmentation activated for the daily list. This would streamline the process even further, as all it requires is the contact to click a link, without having to confirm and submit their email address for the sign-up form. The drawback however, would be that this method may also be triggered if any of your contacts use bot programs to check for malware by downloading images and clicking links. Thus, this could potentially cause them to be added to the list without explicitly choosing to.

William A
Community & Social Media Support