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As of today, emails are not displaying properly on iPhones for mobile. It appears to be defaulting to the Desktop version instead, so the text is very small and impossible to read unless you zoom in and scroll around.

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Hi all. This particular issue with font sizes and images not appearing correctly in the Outlook app for iOS is the result of an update on their end. Their most recent version (4.2307.0) unfortunately changed the way mobile-responsive emails display. 


The only real workarounds in the meantime will come down to either:

  • Using a different email program/app such as the native Mail app on iPhones. Since Outlook renders emails using Microsoft Word, it tends to have drastically different ways of handling mobile queries, compared to all other email programs. 
  • Including a View as Webpage link in your email - usually accompanied by text that says "Having trouble viewing this email? Click here to view in your web browser." 
  • Reduce your image sizes to under 300px through the library.


We're aware that it's not possible to force all contacts to use another mail program but the View as Webpage link would allow them to view the email in a more readable manner.


We understand this causes some extra work on your end. Our teams are reviewing possible changes to have a more consistent mobile view through the Outlook app but we cannot guarantee when this could happen or if it's possible since this is a third-party program.


Should we receive any updates or information, we'll update this thread.


For additional context on how Outlook displays emails, and how it differs from other email programs, make sure to check out this Community post.

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Hi everyone I just got feedback from Outlook to try opening the email on the browser and it displays correctly. So the problem truly is only on the outlook app. Perhaps you should all contact Microsoft and get on their backs so that they can do something about it.
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Outlook app version 4.2308 was released today for iOS. I just installed it on my iPhone and my CC emails are displaying properly again.

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I concur. I just updated my iPhone Outlook app and Constant Contact emails are showing up correctly again. whew.

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I confirm. Same here I updated and all is back to normal. Close call.