Platform Crashing

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I have tried multiple times to create or copy an email blast for the holiday and It won't save changes and keeps asking to refresh. Super frustrated. What should take about 10 minutes has taken 2 hours and still no success. Chat rep can't seem to help as they are telling me to copy the email to make changes, which I have already done and I am still experiencing massive issues. I see that in 2021 several users reported this. Was there a resolve? What to try next?

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Hello @RebeccaB2 ,

Are you copying directly from a original source, like a master template? Or are you copying from previous copies of copies? Does the issue occur when editing a brand new email? Does the issue occur on other browsers, or in incognito / private mode? Are you able to temporarily disable any browser extensions, ad/pop-up blockers, VPNs, or other security elements that you may be running, close and re-enter your browser, and see if disabling those alleviates the issue? Does the issue occur on other devices or networks you have access to?

William A
Community & Social Media Support