Please enter a valid URL (e.g., error on valid urls

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I'm having an issue with the read more builder that has been happening for a while. I've contacted support but ended up nowhere. When I try to hover over, edit the read more button and put in a URL it says enter a valid URL. Here is an example of the URL: I tried shortening it using a service. It seems it will not accept any URLs from this site. Is something missing in the HTML that it's looking for? What could be causing this? Thanks
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Hello @DannyB11 ,


Our devs are looking into why particular URLs don't seem compatible with the Read More block's ability to generate info from the site data. In the meantime, if your URL is resulting in that error for the RM block, then I'd advise using regular text, image, and button blocks to set your newsletter up with a link and summary of that webpage.

William A
Community & Social Media Support