Possible Unsubscribe Glitch

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Hey there,


About mid-August, I saw an automated email from CC about a member unsubscribing and I usually just leave it there. I got a call today from that same person about not getting our club emails and I told her that it was because she had unsubscribed from our emails and she said she didn't, so I tell her I'll fix it and send her a resubscribe link. After I end the call, I go into her contact page and it was showing as "Contact unsubscribed by you on xxxxxx," which I am typically the only person using CC and I never unsubscribe member email addresses. I don't have a good screenshot since the updated resubscribe link info replaced the timestamp of the glitch (and I've cleaned up old emails it was included in), so I apologize... I was hoping the audit history would be under Engagements tab but I'm assuming it doesn't show the unsubscribe date if the action was taken by me (even if it wasn't) because I've been able to see when a user unsubscribes their email, but not the other way around.


Here are the details if you need: 


Is there a chance that a glitch exists within CC that unsubscribes contacts from within our admin portal? I don't think this was the first time I've encountered this but this is the first example where it would seem likely something is happening in the background. 


Thanks for your help!

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Hello @Longviewcc ,


When our higher level technical team ran the logs, it was showing that an outside app is what caused the unsubscribe in the first place. I'd advise checking any apps or integrations you utilize to sync contacts and their info between your database and your Constant Contact account, to see if they have any other contacts erroneously listed as unsubscribed.

William A
Community & Social Media Support