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1. I'm traveling in Europe (normally work in Michigan) and trying to post reports to my followers. Granted the Internet service at some of the places I'm staying is not fast. But I've just spent 4 hours trying to upload a simple text post with 3 pictures. I keep getting disconnected from Constant Contact and can't save my work. It's as if there isn't any activity for a couple minutes, I'm disconnected. Can you do something about that. 


2. Why does my ANGEL QUEST list claim I have 56 followers but my post just now only sent to 46?

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Hi @StanW235,


I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing some connectivity troubles while you are traveling in Europe. It's hard to know exactly what could fix the issue besides a stronger, more stable internet connection. Currently, I tried replicating the issue in my own account but was not able to.


Take a look at our Troubleshooting Connectivity article and see if you're able to tackle any of these suggestions. Hopefully that will alleviate the issue.


As for your second question, I reviewed the list and several contacts have the Awaiting Confirmation status. They must have been sent a confirmed opt-in email at some point and never replied to it. They are visible on the list for information purposes, but you aren't billed for them and they can't be sent to until they confirm their subscription.

Nick S.
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