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I have folks saying that they didn't click to RSVP, but they have RSVPs showing up anyway. For example, someone opened the email and it said "I can't make it" on their RSVP, but they didn't click or interact.
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Hello @FirstNameL53104 ,


If the contact (or their network) is using an email security program that "clicks" links to check for malware, then this may result in your click report (including poll and RSVP reporting) showing that info. With RSVP blocks, a contact's most recently clicked option will be what their result is. If the "I can't make it" option is the last one in the RSVP block, then a security program would've "clicked" this option most recently, resulting in their status being that.


Our system is continuing to develop ways to mitigate these false clicks, but unfortunately lesser recognized or utilized programs can slip past our systems until we've updated them to recognize that particular behavior / signature. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support