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Tried to sign back up with you and I cant. The email you give says that it is not monitored when I send an email to get help.

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Hello @user715976 ,


If you'd like to sign back into your existing account, your campaigns and contacts are still available. Simply login, click your name in the top-right corner, go to the Plans & Pricing page, select the plan you want, re-enter your payment info, agree to the Terms, and submit your payment to re-open the account.


I'm not sure what email you're referring to since the last email you received was just a confirmation of your account being cancelled. If you reply directly to the email that was sent, it will re-open the previous Billing case, but sending a random email to that address, especially if it's not from an address verified on your account, may result in the email not being associated with your account or automatically creating a case.


If you're unable to reply directly to the confirmation email that Billing sent you, and you need to speak with them, I'd advise calling them directly.


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William A
Community & Social Media Support