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I was unable to successfully pull up the Chat with an expert window (it wouldn't load for me), so am sending my inquiry this way. 


I'm reaching out on behalf of our Department to ask if you can provide us with a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) by May 20, 2022?


Our agency is required to ensure all of our products and vendors' products comply with state and federal accessibility standards, and our Information Technology Office is asking us to verify Constant Contact's accessibility, including asking for and reviewing Constant Contact's VPAT. 


Is the VPAT something you can provide us, or could you point us to where that information might live on your website?


Thank you in advance! 

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Hello @Michelle_Colorado ,


For anything accessibility-related, I'd recommend going through our article on creating accessible emails. This will cover tips for creating emails that are compliant for ADA, VPAT, and other accessibility rules and regulations for the sake of your contacts and organization.


If you have questions related to ADA and VPAT compliance, and similar legal standards, you're welcome to reach out to legal(at)constantcontact(dot)com . 


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