Scrolling while editing on MAC the text editor toolbar disappears along side text

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When I try to edit a paragraph of text within a block the editing toolbar disappears. When I scroll to top or bottom it reappears but the text I am trying to edit is not changed. Super frustrating. Kind of stopped in my tracks. This was never a problem with the old editor. So, I do not think this bug has been fixed.

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Hello @EECAdmin ,


Is this occurring with particularly long text blocks, or is this also occurring in smaller / newly inserted ones as well? 

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I have the exact same problem and it is a very serious issue. After dealing with it for a few weeks now, I have come to realize that the editor appears at the top of each separate block of text and scrolls off screen as you move down the text. So for a longer block, if you want to edit something at the bottom of a block, the editor appears off screen, at the very top of that block. This makes it almost worthless.