Send Marketing Campaign Showing up as Spam

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I sent out an ad campaign yesterday - including one to myself - and this is how it showed up - with my spam filter set very low.

This is NOT GOOD knowing that many people have their spam filters set higher than this.

How can this be corrected??




Pat McDougall

 Newtown Pools

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Hello @PatrickM5691 ,


This particular warning is showing because Gmail is recognizing that an email claiming to be from you, sent to yourself under the same address, is actually coming from an outside source (in this case us). If you're using a free domain - Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. - you will likely always see this messaging until you've marked it as safe for the sake of the email program's security algorithms.


If you're particularly worried about this, then I'd advise setting up your own domain for your organization and setting that as your From address, with email self-authentication setup for your account. 


If you'd like further, specialized insight on these functionalities, I'd advise speaking with the Delivery team directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support