Send birthday wishes to two people (a couple) with the same email address

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Good day,


I have some clients who are a couple and I wish to send them a separate birthday wish but they have the same email address as part of my contacts.  How can I separate their birthdate while being on the same contact?  If I were to create two separate contacts with the same email address, I would run into the same problem.  I tried creating a custom field but I am not really sure how to convert it APK  into a separate line item.


Example:  they also have two separate birthdays but they have the same email address.  If I send a birthday wish to Alain, I also want to send a birthday wish to Marjorie as well, but the same email address prevents me.


Can you help.



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Hello @user82014 ,


Using a custom field won't make a difference. Only the default birthday field as built-in for the system will be able to trigger a birthday automation, and since there's only one per unique contact (email address), you won't be able to have multiple active on a single contact. In general, it's best to have only one person per email address, since unique email addresses are what determine unique contacts and associated insert-contact-detail functionalities for emails.

William A
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