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I have an email list of about 450 people.  It seems the same people open my email each day with a large portion of people that never open the email.  I know some of these people very well and find it hard to believe they would NEVER even open an email from me.  I know myself that at times my email from CC to my personal email INBOX ends up in SPAM.  My fear is that most of my emails are going to SPAM or not being received at all.  I can see people not opening every email but there are people I know very well that NEVER open my email.  Would it be more efficient if I built several smaller email lists rather than 1 large email list???

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Hi @KarenB3839. List size does not influence the chance of your email landing in the spam folder so you don't need to break up your lists. I looked at your past few emails and the emails are not bouncing, meaning they should be landing in the inbox. If you have a personal relationship with some of these contacts, it might be worth reaching out to them and asking if they are receiving your emails. If you find examples of contacts who should be receiving your emails but aren't, I would then recommend contacting our Delivery team who can assist you further.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager