Significant drop in Opens

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Been sending a weekly constant contact email to over 4500 teachers for the last 20 months.  Average open rate of the newsletter is around 15%-18%.  Email sent on 9/13/21 had an 18% open rate.  Email sent on 9/20/21 had a 3% open rate.  Why did the open rate drop so dramatically and what can I do to correct that?  thanks

Paula Kritz
Digital Platforms & Publications Manager
PBS Western Reserve

Public Television (WNEO/WEAO) and Educational Services for Northeast Ohio

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Hello @PaulaK655 


After reviewing your open rates, I also see the significant drop in opens.  With the release of iOS 15, Apple Mail will now preload images in emails, including tracking pixels (which we use to measure Opens). This change was made by Apple to protect customer privacy. While we understand that the open rate is an important part of reporting, the open rate in emails is no longer as accurate as it once was and we've made changes to reflect that. 


What is Apple Mail Privacy and how does it affect you?


We previously calculated Clicks based on Opens. Since Opens are no longer as accurate, we've switched to calculating Opens based on successful delivery (Sent minus bounces). The Click-to-delivered metric is lower than the prior Click-to-opened metric, but it is a more accurate representation of your customers' engagement.  The Reporting tab has a dropdown to choose between Click Rate (clicks/delivered) and Click-to-open (clicks/opens). All pages switched to Click Rate on 10/18/2021



I noticed you have been including links in your emails. A great way to increase the click rate is to change link color so it stands out more, or you can use a button.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager